About Us

We work for a wide range of clients – from small specialist organisations managing complex client interactions through to very large organisations delivering services to a broad range of clients on a national or international basis. A common theme across all clients is the need to resolve challenging business, commercial or regulatory problems so they can make a significant lift in organizational performance.

Arrowhead is a corporate member of the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation, an incorporated society concerned with improving the peformance of New Zealand enterprises. Between 2001 and 2007 Arrowhead was a member of the Business Analysis Consultancy Panel convened by the Consumer Council for Postal Services (Postwatch) in London.

Our Team

Dean Rea
Dean Rea, Principal, Arrowhead Consulting

Dean Rea

Dean Rea​ is the Principal of Arrowhead. Dean holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting from Victoria University of Wellington and a Master of Social Sciences in Economics from the University of Waikato.  Dean is a Chartered Accountant and a Member of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Dean works closely with two valued colleagues – Jim Hines and Tim Dunar from The Enterprise Group LLC.

Jim Hines offers our clients international experience and expertise in business modeling, profitability analysis, decision support, organisational planning and corporate governance.

Tim D​unar offers our clients international experience and expertise in marketing, customer management, business planning and corporate transformation.