Arrowhead is a management consultancy based in New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. We undertake advisory engagements on a world wide basis.

We are focused on building long term trusted relationships with our clients and in building client capability. Our clients range from large high profile organisations with significant financial resources and geographic reach to charitable member led organisations balancing the demands of serving members against the economic realities of relying on donor income.

We can provide you with unparalleled levels of client service, insightful research and commercially focused solutions to the most demanding strategic, economic, financial and organisational problems.

Our four main practice areas:

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[fruitful_tab title=”Strategic Management”]One of New Zealand’s largest charitable organisations retained us to advise on their readiness to implement a new digital distribution method for delivering library and information services to clients across the country. [/fruitful_tab]

[fruitful_tab title=”Finance”]We were retained by one of New Zealand’s premier professional services firms to advise on a restructuring of that practice to provide a platform for future growth within the company and to allow its shareholders to maximise shareholder value. [/fruitful_tab]

[fruitful_tab title=”Public Policy and Regulation”]We were retained by a UK client to advise on postal market developments in the Asia Pacific region and to identify the implications these had for the work of consumer representative organisations and market opening proposals in the UK. [/fruitful_tab]

[fruitful_tab title=”Commercial Dispute Resolution”]We successfully project managed the resolution of a large scale dispute between a major systems integrator and the NZ Government over a failed IT system amidst significant media coverage of the dispute and against the backdrop of litigation.[/fruitful_tab]